Report Shows that Healthcare Organizations That Haven’t Implemented Video Technology Are Less Productive, Have Higher Travel Costs and Are Missing Opportunities to Connect with Patients

The constant rollout of new pharmaceutical programs, the heated debate about the Affordable Care Act and the shift toward digitization of patient records are contributing to rapid evolution that introduces the need for new tools to improve healthcare skills training and patient care.

A new report from Wainhouse Research, together with Sonic Foundry, Inc. reveals healthcare managers are embracing emerging technologies for more effective communications with their teams. The large majority — 89 percent — of healthcare managers surveyed rely on streaming video as an effective tool in their day-to-day communications.

The report, Prescribing New Solutions for Communications in Healthcare is written by Wainhouse senior analysts Alan D. Greenberg and Steve Vonder Haar, and is based on results from a survey of healthcare executives on their deployment and perceptions of streaming technologies. The study reveals:

  • Of the 184 healthcare professionals surveyed by Wainhouse Research in the fourth quarter of 2016, three-quarters of respondents (75%) said they agree or strongly agree with the statement that “our organization should do more to capitalize on currently available video technologies to enhance communications.”
  • One of the factors driving increased investment in streaming video by healthcare organizations is that executives recognize that the technology works. Nearly nine out of 10 healthcare respondents (89%) surveyed by Wainhouse Research describe streaming video as an effective tool for communicating work-related information.
    • 11% may be ignoring an opportunity to enhance their organization’s ability to communicate work-related information
  • In gauging the effectiveness of enterprise communications technologies, 59% of healthcare executives cite “productivity” and 54% cite cutting travel costs as key metrics.
    • This means that 41% of healthcare organizations may not recognize opportunities for improved productivity, and 46% of them may be overlooking ways to save money on travel costs.

This is an industry in which organizations are busy communicating and training to address the change taking place in a compliance-oriented environment,” Greenberg said. “The magic of streaming and webcasting solutions is that they blend content capture tools with delivery systems to deliver training and events, real-time and on-demand. The improvements possible in both training and organizational processes impact the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem, leading to healthcare workers who are better educated about the latest research, regulations, products, and procedures.  This is essential in today’s highly-charged, rapidly evolving healthcare industry, and patients ultimately are the beneficiaries because they receive better care.”

In addition, the report examines how online video has significantly impacted organizational training and services at five U.S. healthcare organizations.

Greenberg and Vonder Haar will release the report and present their findings in a free webinar at 1:00 p.m. Central on August 24. Register for Prescribing New Solutions for Video in Healthcare and get the full report at


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