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Join the Crew: Host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss and Ruben Romero as they welcome their guests:

Alan and Jonathan Brawn, Principals at Brawn Consulting

Robert Keeler – Vice President of Sales at Stewart Filmscreen

Joseph Kolchinsky – Founder, CEO at OneVision Resources

Plain and simple – when you’ve got the Brawns, you get the tech, and the beers as a bonus. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Katye hosts this one and talks with the guests about their companies, what’s happening in their tech world, as well as some discussion about CEDIA 2017. But first, beer talk with the Brawns as well as the Crew is in order. Joey abstained as he offered to be the designated podcaster, even though this one eventually drove itself.  Robert just decided to stay hydrated. Next time.

Katye begins talking with Rob about Stewart Filmscreen, their 70th anniversary, as well as what the company will be doing at CEDIA. Rob talks about some of the very important people at Stewart and tells a few interesting stories. He also discusses projection and the importance of screen technology.

After the Tier PM Hot Jobs, Katye talks with Joey about OneVision Resources and their focus as a service provider for residential integrators. He talks about their recurring revenue model and the success they’ve achieved with it. Joey discusses service-related workshops that he conducts, and he’ll be conducting sessions at CEDIA as well. He also talks about service for the client after the sale where Rob adds in too.

And finally, a talk with the Brawns which also became an overall conversation of the exceptional experience, always big discussion in commercial and residential tech. It became the conversation which drove itself on this show.

Sit back, plug in, grab the cold one of your choice and join us as we live…

The AV Life.


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