The brand new Convergent AV marketing and social media podcast asks the following:

  • Do you have a marketing strategy based on what you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Do you know what channels will work best for your customers and prospects?
  • Do you understand that your business is on social media whether you’re actively engaged or not?
  • Are experiential marketing events where you should be investing your time?

This is just a start to what the crew will be covering with the Making a Marketer podcast! Join host Megan Powers and her co-hosts Jen Cole and Elizabeth Glau as they welcome their guests:

Jenn Herman – Director of Marketing at PKL Services and Social Media Consultant & Trainer, Jenn’s Trends

Kari Embree – Web and Social Media Consultant

Kylene Kaelin – Communications & Social Media Manager at Newland Real Estate Group


Negativity is a reality that all businesses have to deal with on social media, and the crew and their guests discuss the different ways they can handle this for their businesses and their clients. Reputation management and customer service go hand-in-hand on the Internet, and social media is a primary avenue for all of that these days. Every comment, whether negative or positive should be responded to, and all on this episode dug into the topic.

Along with Twitter and Facebook, there’s a large focus on Instagram here as well.

A few take-aways to note on this episode…

  1. Thoughtful responses to complaints are important because they aren’t about you, but internally people usually think their issue is about them.
  2. Social media managers aren’t necessarily hired for customer service skills, however people want to know they’re heard which makes this an important part of the job.
  3. Sometimes it is better to have an outside agency handle our social / reputation management because the people at the company might be too close to the situation, and take it personally or tend to want to protect their staff.

In addition to the show theme, toward the end each person on the podcast will reveal the app or program they’re excited about.

So sit back, plug in and listen as Megan, her co-hosts and the guests bring you a focused discussion (along with a little fun) as they talk about…

Making a Marketer.


Making a Marketer is on iTunes. Download and subscribe here.