By Megan Powers

Podcasts are popular! It’s an awesome avenue through which to reach people because it doesn’t require our eyeballs… we can listen to a podcast while we’re running, driving, cleaning – you name it. Subscribe to the shows you’re interested in, and set them to download with each new episode.

While there are quite a few marketing podcasts out there, there isn’t one that has the approach of the one we’re launching this week. We want to help people by not only talking about what’s new and hot, but we also want to dig a bit deeper. Business people can use help with all aspects of their marketing, whether a beginner or advanced, and we’ll be covering everything from social media strategy & tactics, to events.

Do you have a marketing strategy based on what you’re trying to accomplish? Do you know what channels will work best for your customers and prospects? Do you understand that your business is on social media whether you’re actively engaged or not? Are experiential marketing events where you should be investing your time? This is just a start to what we’ll be covering with the podcast!

A few things about Making a Marketer…

  • There’s a “crew” of us, so it’s a variety of opinions and voices on each topic.
  • Our guests will be a mix of people you’ve heard of, and ones you’re happy you get to know with each episode.
  • This first season we won’t have a single industry focus because we want to appeal to a wide variety of listeners.
  • We’re starting with a monthly format – recording the first Thursday of the month, but we might add a second one as we get rolling.
  • We’d love your feedback and suggestions for topics and guests!

Our crew is made up of…

Megan Powers — owner of Powers of Marketing – a boutique agency out of San Diego, CA.

Elizabeth Glau — she had a company called Building Blocks Social Media & now works as the Attendee Engagement Manager for ISTE in Portland.

Jen Cole – owner of Backspace Media and Social Media Manager for the American Diabetes Association in Wichita, KS.

Each of us have or have had our own boutique marketing agencies, and we’re excited to get started on Making a Marketer!

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First show this week…

We’ll be talking social media (we have an Instagram expert as a guest!), but really we’ll be talking about reputation management via social. Have you heard that term? Every comment, whether negative or positive should be responded to, and we’ll dig into that and so much more.

The guests for our first show:

Jenn Herman 

The forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. She’s a social Media consultant and speaker to help you succeed too! Her business is Jenn’s Trends. She also has a day job as a Director of Marketing. 

Kari Embree 

Kari is a Web and social media consultant. She has worked with brands such as Convince & Convert (Jay Baer’s company!), Shari’s Berries, ProFlowers, Personal Creations, Chiquita Banana, Sunkist Growers, and Haas Avocados.  

Kylene Kaelin

She is a Communications & Social Media Manager with Newland Real Estate Group, and works with two small businesses handling their social media strategy and execution.

Listen for the brand new podcast here on Convergent AV!

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Megan Powers has close to 20 years of experience in marketing & sales in high tech, hospitality, and events & meetings industries. She’s worked in writing and marketing for tech co’s, in a venue, as a planner, and in audio-visual production sales. All of these experiences give her a unique lens through which she sees and approaches events. Her company Powers of Marketing is a boutique strategic communications agency, providing strategy consultation, content, and execution to companies seeking to strategically market themselves. When she’s not working you’ll find Megan at a sporting event, at a concert, or traveling the world with a high adventure focus!