Join Host Corey Moss and Katye McGregor Bennett as they welcome their guests:

Richard Ventura – Vice President of Business Development and Solutions at NEC Display Solutions of America

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne Corporation & Executive Director VIRTULARIUM® (The Cave)

Randy Pagnan – President/Owner at rp Visual Solutions

Maria McKinsey – Director of Business Development at Brown Innovations

Corey and Katye begin the show by talking with Rich, Randy and Maria about their companies and experiences at InfoComm 2017. Maria as well as Rich talk about the immersive audio experience and how it became a major part of “The Cave” experience along with the video.

Then after the Hot Jobs, in the second part of the show…

Virtularium logo

The conversation shifts to the main topic – VIRTULARIUM®, a virtual reality theater venue that uses solid state digital display technology to create an immersive environment designed for long-form narrative storytelling, which was on display in the NEC Display Solutions booth at the show. It appeared in Those Who Impact the Industry – My Top Disruptive Picks at InfoComm 2017 (The Bonuses) on Convergent AV as a disruptive joint solutions provider immersive experience.

VIRTULARIUM at the NEC Display Solutions booth at InfoComm 2017

You’ll hear VIRTULARIUM’s content creator (and Digital Mastermind) Jon 9 talk about his long-term relationships with Rich Ventura and Randy Pagnan, and their high level of achievement due to these relationships. Katye, herself a content expert, talked with Jon about the high level of content creation along with what went into it. Jon also talks about the “VR-ish” quality, as well as the impact of Brown Innovations’ audio and Green Hippo‘s media server that he used. Rich talks about the design, also mentioning the projection surface that was provided by Draper Inc. and others partners of VIRTULARIUM who are listed on the front of the structure. Maria talks in depth about the directional audio and its immersive impact in terms of the environment that was created, even equating it to design for retail which Rich also discusses.

Jon then discusses how the VIRTULARIUM concept began and the theatrical “VR experience” along with how it was designed with the InfoComm booth space in mind. Randy talks about the mounting structure also discussing the design for the trade show booth space. Jon mentions special encoding techniques that he used to provide the smooth “glitchless” video. Rich and Jon make important points about the manufacturers’ high level partnered efforts in VIRTULARIUM. Maria also talks about these partnered efforts, as well as the impact of video and audio changing in The Cave.

Jon 9 makes the closing statement which you’ll certainly want to hear (and there may be a special upcoming episode too).

Sit back, plug in and enjoy this special conversation as we live…

The AV Life.


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