By Corey Moss

After reading some of the comments and accolades that were sent over social media concerning Taylor Meyer’s blog A First InfoComm Experience – One I’ll Never Forget , I felt inspired to write this about Taylor who is a Crew member of ‘The AV Life’ on Convergent AV.

First, while I know that many college students have attended the show over the years, Taylor’s story actually begins as a guest of one of my former AV industry podcasts. Taylor, who became a part of ‘The AV Life’ Crew in December of last year starting with the third episode, was a guest on two episodes of that show, one of them appearing with two outstanding women in the industry Jan Sandri and Cory Schaeffer.

As a Crew member of ‘The AV Life’ Taylor brings a fresh perspective as a mechanical engineering student at Iowa Student University (who is entering her Junior year) whose passions in tech are robotics and artificial intelligence. Not AV mind you, however what she witnessed at InfoComm 2017 did certainly open her eyes to a whole new world.

Taylor host ep 28
Taylor hosts episode 28 of The AV Life where she invited the guests – Jim Heise, Sr. Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State U and Adam Tank, founder and CEO at Industrial Optic.

It was actually last year in May, after being a guest for the first time on a show, that Taylor found out about InfoComm. She was hoping to attending after I had told her all about it, however it was unfortunately too close to the show when we began discussion. We did make it a point though to make sure she got there this year. I began speaking with Scott Meyer, who is the CFO of Electrosonic, a couple of months prior to this show and we worked out all the details to get his daughter Taylor there. Her excitement built over the weeks leading to InfoComm.

I arranged with InfoComm for Taylor to become a member of the press at the show for Convergent AV, and she and I went over some of the details about covering the show, along with the exhibitors we’d be visiting. Her requirement was to write a blog about the InfoComm show experience, along with shooting some videos. Taylor shot videos with her iPhone using a Shure MV88 microphone – here’s one of them, a discussion on Video Wall, Control Room, and Laser technology with Hans Dekeyser, Vice President, Enterprise at Barco who had a little fun with it as well:

One of the moments at the show which I like to talk about was how taken Taylor was with the Google Jamboard, as Veronica Esbona at InGear arranged for a private demonstration of the board prior to the show which Taylor joined me for. When the demo was finished and I was headed over to my next appointment with Revolabs, Taylor asked if she could join me there as she wanted to stay behind to talk to Veronica and the people at BenQ demonstrating the Jamboard.

What she described in her blog in terms of it being overwhelming, crazy and mad chaos (to go along with fascinating and mind blowing) might be some of the things you’d hear from a first timer attending and even covering such a show. However if you pay attention while reading her blog, you’ll also notice what she did with the first letter (in bold) of every statement.

As for being an eye opening experience for her as first timer at the show, it makes me think of other first and maybe even second timers who’ve experienced an InfoComm show. What InfoComm is for the attendees is a three day engaging experience where it’s up to the individual to make of it what they can, and extending that thought further it can even apply to the InfoComm “veterans” as I have been since 1995 (which was the same kind of eye opening experience for me) and how they can truly enhance their experiences as well.

For me as an attendee of numerous InfoComm shows, I view every year’s show as a potential new and different experience, even in some of the ways that Taylor demonstrated. My disruptive picks speak to that as well. Some of the many things that I saw this year, especially VIRTULARIUM® at the NEC Display Solutions booth, opened my eyes to the true innovation, along with disruption, that this industry can bring to the table every year proving how it is certainly on the upswing.

If you read Taylor’s blog as a first (or second) timer and shared some of that excitement for InfoComm 2017, congratulations. If you’re a vet, hopefully you also still feel some of that excitement when you attend the show.

I want to congratulate Taylor for the outstanding job that she did there, along with the experience that she had being among the many great people in the AV industry. While AV may not be her first choice for a career (if you listen to Episode 28 of ‘The AV Life’ you’ll find out about her career aspirations), after seeing the AV industry at InfoComm for the first time and saying that she’ll be back, one never knows…

Here are some more pictures at InfoComm:

Taylor and I at Epiphan
Taylor joins me for a live stream interview at the Epiphan Video booth
me chuck taylor christie
A fun moment on Tuesday with Chuck Espinoza and Christie Mitchell of KMB Communications
Jeremy Tayor Victoria
Taylor meets up with Jeremy Caldera and Victoria Barela for an AVselfie

Me at Barco

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