Welcome to a brand new podcast show for the global audio visual industry with co-hosts Corey Moss (@Cbmoss) and Justin Watts (@PaladinMachina) as they bring to you a show that discusses AV and tech, news, music — and life in the AV business.

On this first episode Corey and Justin talk about InfoComm 2017 as well as Justin’s return to his home city of Houston, TX, where as he discussed how he loves the humidity and was all prepared for Orlando – while most of those who attended the show likely felt otherwise. A lot of well-known industry names mentioned here who are a big part of the show as well as the industry too. Who are they? Listen in and find out (including some of those InfoComm Award winners).

Imagine preparing to do the very first episode of an AV industry podcast show and then boom… Legrand acquires Milestone AV for $950 million dollars. Corey looks at some of the news reported across the board and discusses that with Justin, along with a little reveal of Convergent AV’s approach to the news now. In fact, this show will be delivering it on a regular basis as well.

A lot to talk about concerning this story on this episode, however they do go back to some InfoComm 2017 discussion toward the end as well.

Then, as with every show someone will get the final (AV) word. Justin gets it on this episode with his take on IT and the AV industry, then after this one each guest will have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts on AV, tech, the news and more. Maybe even some great music discussion too.

Enjoy this very first episode – and keep on rocking AV!

(Note: there may be a bit of “language”).