By Corey Moss

In my four plus years as a writer and podcaster in the audio visual industry, after years being in the commercial AV integration market, one thing that I do which I’m passionate about along with blogging is the interview. I host and produce numerous podcasts on this publication, first and foremost The AV Life, a show put together with a team – aka The Crew – who in essence co-host (other team members will host shows as well) with invited guests who are interviewed, yet in a whole different way. I have actually done this before in the industry, so I can’t consider it a brand new model, however it differs even from what came before it in numerous ways – including the first non-industry member of a podcast team who’s also a college student, Taylor Meyer, a Junior mechanical engineering student at Iowa State University with a strong passion for robotics and artificial intelligence. In fact, she hosted an episode of the show, a very good one.

For me, the interview as long as I’ve been doing it has always been something that I have dedicated great devotion to – shaping and re-shaping my approach as I go – from the very beginning with written blog interviews, which are still done in team effort on this publication (The AV Pro Files), to the current one-on-one podcast format ‘The Show Corner’ pre-trade show interview which I piloted right before ISE and continued with the Digital Signage Expo and InfoComm 2017. I continue to try to expand on the amount of interviews I do, and by the next major industry trade show I will look to produce many more.

The interview at the trade show is something that takes a different approach from the standard podcast of course, and with it taking place inside a convention center where you can hear the attendees and exhibitors in the background, or even in a meeting area, it gives it that ten levels above a standard podcast feel. I have also done video interviews, and at times I will engage the guests into talking a little more than “what’s in the booth.” One interview at InfoComm 2015 produced the statement ‘it’s not about the box,’ something we continued to make a central theme to the interview, as well as further discussions afterward.

Here are three interviews done at InfoComm 2017 – the first is a sit-down with Stewart Filmscreen CEO Shannon Townley where what was on the table actually became a centerpiece to the discussion – the second is also a sit-down with two well-know executives from Biamp, Ron Camden, VP of Global Sales and Bill Nattress, Director of Channel Strategy – Paging, where one of the questions I came up with sitting at the table with them before recording started produced two answers you must hear – and the third, Taylor Meyer and I became the guests at Epiphan Video‘s booth doing a Facebook Live stream, as the two of us are interviewed by Alesia Hendley. Alesia is very much about the experience, and she set this one up for us with just that in mind.

For me when doing the interview, the content is of course of utmost importance, however the experience is what at times makes the true difference.

The interviews at InfoComm 2017:

Katye McGregor Bennett and I interviewing Shannon Townley at InfoComm 2017 discussing the company’s 70th anniversary, some of their award-winning screens and their new product launch in partnership with Pufferfish®.

An interview at InfoComm 2017 with Ron Camden and Bill Nattress talking about the company, their entry into the AV industry, the InfoComm 2017 CTS Holder of the Year Award presented to Bill and more. I also talked to Ron about his past award which was Volunteer of the Year (I mistakenly said CTS award) and what volunteering means to him as well as the industry. It was done in a “coffee and chat” format created by Alesia with Biamp’s Amanda Roe (we did an interview with Amanda as well).

Being interviewed at InfoComm 2017 by Alesia at the Epiphan Video booth, Taylor Meyer joined me. A nice experience to be interviewed along with Taylor. 

(Note: The ‘it’s not about the box’ statement is attributed to Kristin Rector, TJ Adams, and myself).

Video interviews with Shannon Townley, and Ron Camden and Bill Nattress were shot by Alesia Hendley.

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With almost 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, The Edge of AV, EdTech Focus and The Show Corner. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers.

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