Mimo Monitors, experts in small touchscreen displays, are proud to announce the launch of their newest product, the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture, launching at Infocomm 2017 and available for purchase at MimoMonitors.com, as well as all other retailers that currently carry Mimo Monitors products.  

A common challenge often faced is the ability to showcase a presentation in the conference room while also sharing it securely and digitally to those not physically present. The new, innovative Mimo Vue Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture, specifically designed to be an ideal conference room interface, solves this problem by eliminating unnecessary complexity and making digital sharing seamless. 

With the ability to instantaneously digitize HDMI video due to the conveniently built-in capture card, The Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture allows presentations to be easily displayed in multiple places without having to worry about security. The device also maximizes flexibility, allowing for recording and later sharing of presentations as well as displaying a presentation on multiple devices simultaneously. 

Meticulous with details, Mimo Monitors also worked to make the device the ideal and compact size with intuitive controls, also bringing the total cost of the device down to less than the average cost of purchasing a touch screen and HDMI capture card separately. 

“With more people than ever working remotely, we’ve noticed an ongoing challenge with conference rooms and the ability to share information to multiple places in a simple, secure way that doesn’t require a lot of planning and hassle,” said David Anderson, President of Mimo Monitors. “At Mimo Monitors, we pride ourselves on being solutions-oriented and problem solvers so that our products can best serve our client’s needs. We’re very excited to officially launch the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture as we think it provides a not currently available option to make our client’s lives easier. “ 

The Mimo Monitors Vue Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture will be available starting on June 14th, 2017 for $499, at MimoMonitors.com and all other Mimo Monitors retailer locations such as Amazon and CDW.