By Corey Moss

Marika Aqunio headshotThis InfoComm 2017 show conversation is with Marika Aquino, Managing Partner at Tier PM. TierPM is a leading audio visual and IT workforce solutions company providing staffing and recruiting solutions to employers nationwide. TierPM’s solutions include permanent hire recruiting, temporary staffing as well as project management based Audio Visual and IT consulting solutions.

Marika and I begin discussion talking about Tier PM as a leading audio visual industry workforce solutions company. Marika also talks about understanding job roles and skill sets (along with certifications) as vs. other recruiting companies. We then talk about finding the right people for jobs in the industry, with discussion of higher education and a career path to the industry as well.

Marika and I then talk about InfoComm 2017 and what Tier PM will be doing at the Career Fair at the show. Along with the activity at their booth (including a special promotion), Tier PM is a sponsor of the Women of InfoComm Network Breakfast, listen to Marika talk about that.

To find out more about Tier PM, see here.