By Corey Moss

So the question – what does it feel like to be an astronaut in space?

InfoComm has joined forces with Freeman, the global leader in brand experiences, and Presenting Show Partner Samsung to create the new Immersive Technologies Pavilion on the InfoComm 2017 show floor, where attendees can experience a far-out, mixed-reality simulation, orbiting the earth at 17,000 miles per hour and touring the International Space Station.

Immersive technology refers to technology that blurs the line between the physical world and digital or simulated world, thereby creating a sense of immersion.

Inside the Immersive Technologies Pavilion, Freeman will feature the Immersive Technology Experience, where attendees can explore augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) solutions in a variety of scenarios, from simulation and training, to visualization and design. Organizers will feature live demonstrations of 360-degree video streaming, as well as a multiuser Microsoft HoloLens experience exploring the human body for medical applications.

Where on-site training can be dangerous and expensive in certain markets (e.g. manufacturing, construction, medical), with AR/VR/MR technologies companies and trainers can practice a near-limitless variety of scenarios in convenient locations, at a fraction of the cost, and without fear of injury. At the Immersive Technologies Pavilion, attendees will experience a simulated Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), rotating and moving through the frictionless environment of space in all six degrees of freedom, like a real astronaut.

Jason McGraw, CTS, CAE, Senior Vice President of Expositions, InfoComm International referred to the new Immersive Technologies Pavilion as truly ground-breaking for the InfoComm show. “What Freeman and Samsung have planned will help redefine what’s possible through audiovisual technology. There will be out-of-this world experiences, as well as augmented- and virtual-reality solutions that have very down-to-earth application to corporate, education, medical and other organizations,” McGraw stated.

Wilson Tang, Vice President, Digital Experience at Freeman specified that immersion is no longer a buzzword. “Recent advancements have made VR, AR, and MR more immersive and affordable than ever before. As a result, they’re now capturing our imaginations and transforming everything from everyday experiences to industrial design processes – and smart brands are sitting up and paying attention. We’re excited to work with InfoComm and Samsung on what will be a must-see destination at InfoComm 2017,” Tang said. 

Find out more about the Immersive Technologies Pavilion at InfoComm 2017 here. Samsung is the official technology provider to the Immersive Technologies Pavilion.