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Join the Crew: Host Megan Powers, Katye McGregor Bennett, Alesia Hendley, and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Marina Gregory – Marketing Director at Advanced AV

Angela Johnson – Human Resources Manager at Advanced AV

Megan Dutta – Marketing Communications Manager at Peerless-AV

On an episode hosted by The AV Life’s resident marketer Megan Powers, two of AV integrator Advanced AV’s key employees, along with a well-known AV manufacturer marketing pro join the Crew to discuss about the hot topics of social media and marketing in the industry.

Megan and the Crew begin talking with Marina and Angela about strategies they utilize at the company on the various platforms, including for recruiting. Marina focuses very good discussion on Facebook and some of the trials on that platform. Megan Dutta then discusses marketing and social media strategy at Peerless-AV, and talking to the team about “not just posting stuff” and being selective in terms of what they post. Megan Dutta discusses intranet vs. social media usage – a question brought up by Katye, also targeting discussion to Facebook engagement. Marina picks up on the on the intranet vs. Facebook discussion as well.

Megan then asks Marina about the roles in the company in terms of marketing strategy, and tying programs into business and lead generation. A very interesting discussion on lead gen and the sales people in the company. Marina also talks about participation and attendance at events, and the company’s approach to it. There’s sales discussion which Corey participates in, as he was a former commercial integration sales person, and the role of sales now in terms of marketing and social media. Megan Dutta discusses it in terms of importance in terms of strategy and keeping open lines of communication ongoing with sales. Katye talks about the messaging being proper for the audience and strategic communications consulting.

After the Hot Jobs (and a congratulation to Megan Dutta for her InfoComm Award), Megan leads off talking with the guests and Crew about feedback on social channels, which can be customer or otherwise, as many know how such feedback can affect a company in different ways. Megan asks Megan Dutta and Marina about the kinds of listening tools they’re using. Marina also talks about following certain keywords and tags.

Megan then focuses on the usage of the different platforms for Advanced AV and Peerless-AV, and the guests talk about their platform “trials” as well as tie-ins to business. Katye talks about that platform which never made it for her (and Corey agreed) as well as the strategies to “jumping on a platform.” Alesia, a social media expert (with gadgets!) also discusses the various platforms along with usage, and the “stories” she creates.

Corey closes the show talking about social media and InfoComm 2017 with the guests and Crew.

Sit back, listen in and get on your favorite social platform as we live…

The AV Life.


Note: Unfortunately John Greene was unable to join us, however he was on Facebook Live while the podcast was recording! 

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