By Corey Moss

I read a blog the other day written by an industry friend, asking if anyone had “cracked the code” on this social media thing. I know him as a major blog writer and an occasional social media poster and it got me to thinking have I actually figured out a way? I do know others in the industry who I consider masters of the social media game – you can see proof in what they do on different platforms, even hear it on certain podcasts as well.

I use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as my primary social media outlets. My personal Facebook mostly for fun, along with some targeted technology posts, and the occasional sports “discussion” about what ails the Mets these days (pun intended). LinkedIn is a pick and choose type of thing, I don’t post blogs there anymore like I used to, it’s to find the occasional tech article as well as get involved in a professional discussion or two. I find that LinkedIn may have diminished a bit in terms of it being the professional social media environment it once was, although I will post Convergent AV blogs and podcasts there. I’ll use Google+ at times as well, however it’s not a major platform for me.

There is a Facebook page for Convergent AV podcasts, blogs and news, joined with the Convergent Tech Blog (under Convergent Tech) and the blogs and podcasts that have appeared there.

Twitter has for the most part become my main social media resource for tech and Convergent AV promotion as well. I can’t remember the first profile picture I posted when I opened the account in January 2013, however I was able to find the very first post – not a “hello world I’m tweeting” thing. Actually, this is it, though I can’t remember why I tweeted this particular link which no longer exists.

It’s a tech related link of course, the main reason I joined Twitter in order to advance further into the technology world. In my social media journey at the time, as I had already been on LinkedIn and Facebook, however I saw Twitter as an ultimate resource at the time for technology news and reference. I had not yet been introduced to the #AVTweeps environment (that came a month or two later when I began writing in the industry), it was strictly an overall tech space joining process for me. As I had been a commercial AV integration person before, only knowledgeable of those particular products and solutions that fit in that market, this became an eye-opening experience to the myriad technologies that presented themselves outside of the industry for the most part at the time – cloud, software, mobile, cybersecurity and more.

I have tried other social media applications – Instagram never really caught on with me as I haven’t been much of a photo poster, though I do see it as an asset to companies that would benefit from this type of strategy. I may give it a go soon as I can see certain advantages to this now.

I tried Snapchat (Snap, Inc. – a camera company) – for those who may not be aware it’s a camera application that helps people to communicate through short videos and images known as a Snap, and Snap ‘Spectacles’ – reminding us a bit of Google Glass maybe?


I’m not sure that business professionals would thrive with that kind of “communication” however it appears there is a way for retailers to make use of it. I didn’t see it as advantageous to my social media plans, others may see it another way which is just fine as “choose the platform that fits” should be the mantra. I will look at a tryout of Facebook Live at InfoComm.

Back to Twitter, where this is my current pinned post:

Here is another recent one, actually very important to me with my background in commercial integration sales as I had worked closely with the education market:

Over the last couple of years I’ve learned to use Twitter to great advantage for promotion (as well technology posting in general), where all that takes place on Convergent AV now – podcasts, blogs and industry news are posted on one of three sites – mine (@Cbmoss), The AV Life (@The_AVLife) and Convergent AV (@Convergent_AV).

Cracked the code? Maybe, but let’s just figure that you need to make it your brand as with everything else that you do for marketing and promotion. On any social media platform, choose the profile that describes you best, post the kinds of information that fits your particular market approach, always post a little humor here and there (and even play # games on Twitter) – make your mark. You may have 10K followers/connections or 100 – it’s all in how you design the approach.

The company approach will in certain respects differ from the individual, however those companies that have inspired their employees to get out there on social media to enhance the brand are the ones that will certainly find the most success. There is of course the need to make sure that they’re properly advancing the company’s messaging, however once again if there is a code to crack, that’s likely the way that companies as well as the individuals within them will have done it. As for myself, it’s about a careful moderated approach on all of the platforms that I have. We’ve even done “takeovers” on the Convergent AV Twitter, which appeared to have been successful – and there will be more.

And remember that it all has to start somewhere…

As for other firsts – how about these:

and of course:

Find your first tweet here

Note: I recommend certain episodes of The AV Life – Episode 19 (hosted by Megan Powers) and Episode 29 with industry marketing experts for very good social media discussions.


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