Join Paul Zielie and Corey Moss as they welcome:

Ashley Azzopardi – Service Manager at Red Hat

Roy Liberman – Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Red Hat

In March, Convergent AV brought a conversation with Ashley Azzopardi to the audio visual industry – it begins like this:

Looking after a five-year strategy of office and IT services, and managing technology across 80 offices is the challenge Ashley Azzopardi relishes in his role as principal services architect (Office Infrastructure) at Red Hat®, a global software company providing open source software products to the enterprise community.

Azzopardi surveys the event space and priorities for each service, flagging up risks and opportunities. If AV needs to be updated, he redesigns it working with AV service teams and partners to achieve it.

Here is the full article, read it first, then listen to an excellent discussion with Ashley and Roy, hosted by AV and IT systems professional Paul Zielie.


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