A Convergent AV Special

The AV industry sure does like its selfie. Across the world people go to events and cannot resist the opportunity to take the smart phone and grab a picture – of themselves.  Heck, not only will they take pictures of the food they eat, they’ll take pictures of themselves stuffing it in their mouths. We have to see tons of their vacation pictures spread all over social media in rub-it-in style like “sweat your butts off in the office while we’re having a blast!”

Then there’s the question of the mascot known as Da-Lite Man, someone believed to be a well known industry person dressed in head to toe spandex. Yes, he does the selfie too, showing off in the tight spandex on Twitter and at trade shows. The company went as far as to have him show up at the booth last year to challenge people to chin ups. What will happen at the booth this year? One can only imagine.

While many of those on social media are well known, including this mascot in the blue spandex suit, and others are on the “selfie-rise” – there is one who has been lurking around in the background, and it’s not as much about the suit as it is the moniker — and he’s certainly no one’s mascot.


And he’s had “contact” with Da-Lite Man:

After a Twitter exchange – he doesn’t do e-mail (maybe Cisco Spark?) – he agreed to an interview. Here it is.

Who are you exactly and what is your mission?

I am a man that values people.  Relationships shape who we are.  Our industry is filled with interesting characters and we should get to know them all.  Being humble, blissful, and having a connection to the core of our industry is important to me.  My mission is to bring joy to others and inspire them to love technology as I do.  Live every day to the fullest both personally and professionally.  Carpe Diem Tweeps – that’s my motto, followed by a mic drop.

Your persona mirrors Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter) – how did you choose that?

There is a sex appeal to a man in a well-tailored suit. I like anonymity.  I have a love for music.  Of all the modern day artists, I feel that Daft Punk strikes the balance between gravitas and goofiness.  Fiction vs Reality.  Can I be a fictional character that exists in real life?  I think so. 

What kind of influence do you hope to have on the AV industry?

I wish to bring less influence and more joy to the industry, maybe even make what we do a little sexier. I want to bring an appreciation of technology to the next generation as well as the old. 

Do you have any particular influences in the industry?

My influences?  I have many but I don’t know that I can name them all.  There have been so many great instructors through the ages at the trades shows.  Infocomm, NSCA, CEDIA, etc… There is no one great influence.

Will you be appearing at InfoComm?

I will be at InfoComm.  As the sexy man you know and love online?  I have yet to determine that.  I could be persuaded to “make an appearance.”

What else can we expect from you?

Expect it all.  Inspirational quotes to shock and awe.  I will probably piss off some people along the way.  I am more of a lover not a fighter but there could be a battle royal between myself and the Da-Lite man for the title of most awesome! (Note: he LOL’s here) I do not post often on twitter but I think that what I do has value… or humor.  We all need to laugh otherwise the terrorists have already won.

Is he truly ready for his InfoComm #AVSelfie?

There will be more…