Join this fifth episode’s co-hosts Gina Sansivero and Corey Moss as they welcome their guest Tim Van Woeart, Project Engineer at Rutgers University in NJ.

Rutgers, one of the prominent public universities in the country, has continued to develop their technology focus and Tim discusses that with Gina and Corey.

The discussion begins with Gina, Corey and Tim talking about what they do, along with what’s led up to their current career situations. Gina then takes over as the show host and asks Tim about his experiences working outside and inside the education world, as well as his previous education job prior to working for Rutgers. Tim also talks specifically about technology, along with projects and budgets in being a large public educational institution. Gina and Tim then discuss the “active learning” technology environments at Rutgers and how they work with the faculty in terms of learning and using the systems, along with the success factor for faculty, along with the students.

There’s also discussion of basic technologies that are used in the university, to also accommodate for student’s mobile devices (BYOD), and how the school (along with others) needs to be properly outfitted to allow for this. They also talk (and joke a little) about some of those “old education technologies” that some of the professors still can’t do without, and how it’s the responsibility of Tim and others to stay on top of the latest technologies, along with tech and educational events.

Discussion then turns to the Higher Education Technology Summit #HETS2017 in Philadelphia on May 4th (May the 4th…) which Tim will be attending – of course Gina is there as the event’s organizer, and Corey will be there as well. Some fun Star Wars talk here too – listen in to find out about the Summit, as well as Gina’s Star Wars knowledge.

Finally, they all talk about that “tool” they cannot do without. Tim and Corey agree on one of those must have AV tools – does Gina have one? Again, tune in to find out.

(This podcast is no longer available).