EdTech Focus Episode 4: A Digital “Workplace and Design” Collaboration in Education Discussion with MURAL

Welcome to the fourth episode of EdTech Focus, a podcast which looks at education technology, along with discussions in, and even outside of the audio visual industry.

This episode is hosted by Corey Moss, and the guest is Mariano Suarez-Battan, co-founder and CEO of MURAL.

MURAL, a startup spun from IDEO Design, is a digital workplace and design collaboration solution company.

In this podcast, Mariano first discusses MURAL in terms of how the company began as well as the solution itself.  He then talks about the company’s entry point into business enterprise, and then toward the education market. Mariano discusses MURAL’s education market strategy, and how educators can take great advantage of this digital collaboration (and transformation) solution in both K-12 and high education. There’s also discussion of digital virtual workplace (well-known discussion now in business enterprise) as it applies to education.

Mariano also mentions their relationship with Microsoft, as well as video collaboration company Whitlock, where MURAL is a part of their Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) offering. Finally there’s discussion of MURAL in Education user cases, including one with a well-known business school.

Corey also asks Mariano about what’s to come for MURAL, listen in to find out about that as well.

For further information on MURAL see their main website, as well as their education website. Find MURAL here on Twitter.


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