By Alesia Hendley

It has been about two weeks since the Digital Signage Expo ended, and I am still on a natural high from the experience as well as all of the excitement which took place in Las Vegas, most likely because it was my first time in the city, as well as at this Expo. I have found myself recapping my experience there in different forms since I left, from podcasting to blogging. I have given an overall recap of the show, however I had to find a way to highlight my top experiences on the show floor. So why not do a top 6?

So I know you may be wondering, why a top 6? I couldn’t pick just 5 highlights, and though 6 is a bit out of the norm from a top 5 or top 10, it worked for me here. So let’s start this @thesmoothfactor top 6 countdown of booth experiences at the show, shall we?

6). Ventus Booth #436

Ventus had something I’d never seen before, period. I was actually a little scared at first when I walked by the booth and saw this giant robot – my mind went right to a childhood favorite ‘The Iron Giant’ when I saw it. It was greeting visitors at the booth, so I stopped by to see what was going on. It was just me staring at the robot for a moment, then it said my name (pronounced correctly I might add), and asked for a picture. I was shocked, greeted the robot, took a picture and found the nearest rep. “What the heck is this thing? You all make robots?” I was then informed as to what it really was, and how it’s used as a market strategy to get people inside the booth. I guess it worked!

Here’s mine…

Alesia and Ventus robot

5). Clear LED Booth #240

Clear LED technology was bright and transparent! I was able to engage with Clear LED one on one during what I called a “show floor sneak peek,” and you can read more about that here. When I walked up to their transparent poster I knew this was the alternative to a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) ordinary print poster. Creatively thinking I started placing these posters in venues outside of QSR and the retail space – the future for a lot of different venues. Not to mention that the install process is easy as well, which is a thumbs up for any integrator. The booth stood out on the show floor, and so did each one of their products.

4). LG Booth #100

The LG booth was huge compared to many. Joanie (above), an LG rep, gave me a personal tour of the booth – everything being displayed was vibrant in color and each piece of content had so much depth. It was in a word, beautiful. Last year, I attended a seminar on OLED displays and I was blown away by the idea of wallpaper OLED, curved OLED, etc. since I use projectors and projection screens on a daily basis in different venues. Seeing LG’s double-sided OLED took my experience in the booth to a whole new level. This was an idea I had seen in presentations, and seeing it implemented on the show floor was a major highlight for me.

3.) Samsung Booth #500

Samsung made my highlight list mainly because of my experience and interaction with the reps who gave me the tour of the booth. It wasn’t a sales pitch, it was very intimate which we all can appreciate on a crowded show floor. Reading about previous DSE shows, I knew interactive mirrors were nothing new, but it was a highlight for me and Samsung presented very sleek and sexy interactive mirrors in their booth. Once again, my mind began running off creatively in terms of how these can be used by real people in real places and not just in the retail space. There will be more to come on the Samsung booth from me, but for now they have made it into the top 3.

2.) Sharp Booth #1207

When I stepped into Sharp’s booth I felt like I walked into a Foot Locker, as all of their reps were dressed like referees. I had also felt like I walked into my favorite local sports bar on digital signage steroids. The booth showcased some of the best displays on the show floor – big, small and touch displays. What really captured me though was the theme and the marketing that went with the booth. The vibe was unlike any other booth there, not to mention you could have a cold beer while visiting as well. Sharp offered not only unique technology, they also gave me a new and different experience on the show floor, which is why I had to make them number 2 as their booth was unforgettable.

1). Premier Mounts Booth #107

I had visited with Premier Mounts a few times now at different shows, however their booth at DSE surpassed anything I have seen them do before. Theirs was one of the larger booths on the show floor and their ‘Power Hour’ Q&A with Alan and Jonathan Brawn really took the cake, as being able to interact with leaders in our industry is so valuable to me. The seven minute conversation I had with Alan Brawn will stick with me for the rest of my life as I continue to grow in this industry, and that alone made this trip worth more than gold for me as a young person finding my niche. And of course, there were plenty of beers for one to choose from which again is a nice accommodation to have in a booth.

What were your top highlights on the show floor at DSE? There were so many booths, and if I didn’t mention you here go ahead and fill me in! Leave a comment or further the conversation with me on Twitter @thesmoothfactor.

Here’s my call-in with some highlights from day one at DSE 2017 on ‘The AV Life’:

Thanks for reading!


Alesia Hendley is an Audiovisual professional that found her passion at a young age as a sound engineer with her Father’s church. In the early stages of the church’s foundation they couldn’t afford musicians. By utilizing audio and technology she and her Father found creative ways to go higher both musically and spiritually, taking the congregation with them. Now you can find her operating/installing audiovisual systems or executing creative ventures. As a young professional she’s finding ways to bring AV, creatives, and creative visions together in the effort to leave her mark by making an impact, and not just an impression. She writes for as well as being Editor at Convergent AV. 

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