Join the Crew: Host Katye McGregor Bennett, Corey Moss, Megan Powers and guest (actually newly minted) Crew member Jeremy Elsesser as they welcome their guests:

Alan Brawn – Principal of Brawn Consulting

Jonathan Brawn – Principal of Brawn Consulting

John Sciacca – Partner, Custom Theater & Audio, Contributing Technical Editor for Sound and Communications, and Technical Reviewer/Blogger for Residential Systems

Mike Maniscalco – (on a call-in) Co-founder, Ihiji (Eyeheejee)

After the shoutout to some of those great The AV Life Twitter followers, Corey turns this one over to Kayte who begins talking with the Brawns, both craft beer aficionados, about The Digital Signage Expo and what impressed them at the show. Jeremy adds in with discussion of video walls, as well as tech in certain markets. John tells everyone about what’s catching his eye on the residential technology side these days, and Mike talks about an event he had just attended and some of what he’s doing tech-wise, along with a little (very cool) SXSW tech.

This to go along with the Brawns’ world of beers in San Diego – a world that all of the Crew wants to live in. In fact, one of them will get to live in it for a day – tune in to find out who. John talks about how he brews his own beer, and other beer talk. Mike, who calls in from the road wishes he had a beer, and he talks about his beer strategy. Katye, in Montana, talks about her best craft beer pairing for a stroopwafel. Corey, in Virginia, talks about a Chicago beer he’s trying out in honor of his friends there and the Cubs W – but will he go back to his old standard? Jeremy, in Arizona, talks about a special beer that he goes the distance to get.

As all on this show agreed, there’s only one most important thing that goes with AV anytime, anyplace – which makes the industry AV connoisseurs.

The one most important thing

To go along with a quality show, there were interruptions and disruptions (even the Hot Jobs felt the impact), some we had no idea where they were coming from. Was it Mike on the phone? Was it the off-screen “voice in the distance” that sounded just like Alan Brawn? Was it John who experienced (and even provided) technical difficulties? Did Jonathan push that button? Stick around and find out.

Jonathan and display
Image in display behind Jonathan believed to be Alan?


Yep, on this one you get tech, beers, stroopwafels, mic difficulties, da Brawns, people lurking in the dark (oh right, audio podcast) and much more on one show, including a “final word” from one of our guests. Call it an off-Broadway production on tech, mishaps and beers.

So sit back, plug in and listen up while we influence you to live…

Mike's beer fridge
The influence

The AV Life.


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