Join Host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests:

Christina Engh – COO at UASolutions Group

Dayna Baumann – Customer Relationship Manager at Control Concepts

Taylor Meyer – Mechanical Engineering student at Iowa State University

On this episode, Corey talks with these three women about their education, careers and career aspirations as well as mentoring. Christina is a former military aviator who works in the drones industry with a thorough understanding of FAA regulations, Dayna works for a well-known audio visual industry company (specializing in control programming, software development, and specialty services) where she interfaces with programmers on a daily basis, and Taylor is a sophomore at a well-known university studying mechanical engineering, who aspires to work in AI and robotics as she has much involvement in the field now. You will hear each of their stories on this podcast.

They address four articles, the first discovered by Corey and the basis for this show:

Only 6.7% of women graduate with STEM degrees

Woman and STEM careers

Mandatory math lessons don’t inspire women to pursue STEM careers

Yale Club of Dallas event introduces young women to STEM careers

Along with this came discussion of women in the audio visual industry and the Women of InfoComm Network, which Dayna and Corey discussed, as well as industry certifications in which Christina discussed certification in the drones industry as well.

You’ll hear a dynamic discussion from these three women, each from different backgrounds and walks of technology.  There are a few shout outs and name mentions of certain people in the AV industry as well, listen in to find out who.



(Theme music created by Mike Loss)