By Corey Moss

A team meeting was held early last week for coverage of DSE, as Alesia Hendley was to represent Convergent AV at the show. Certain decisions were made before she took off on Tuesday night – first, our main mode of communications on Wednesday and Thursday would be via Slack, and the second would be a rolling blog to be kept by Convergent AV staff, following Alesia’s activity throughout both days. Alesia was all set to go, excited to get to the show.

Now I had used Slack once, really just as an experiment with a few others to check in on each other’s daily activities (or should I say ‘hey what’s up’ or ‘did you see this blog or article’). I really had no premise for usage except for contact with others who I knew in the industry. It started with about six of us, soon four, then two of us and done in about three days. If nothing else, it proved that people across the country could stay in constant communication via a smart phone app. I know there are more available these days, but since Slack worked, that’s what I would go with.

I decided that Alesia and I would use it for communications throughout the show and it began with her message on March 28th in the evening telling me that she was on the flight and it was on time, that she’d be arriving to get a good night’s rest for the morning. Good news to start.

That was followed up by another update two and a half hours later – what many travelers have to deal with on a regular basis – that due to some weather she’d have to stop in Denver instead of LA, although she said that she would still be arriving in Las Vegas that night. That was followed by a smile emoji – Alesia always has an emoji for a situation to go with how she feels (and it’s usually very upbeat). That was followed by a message about her attending the Premier Mounts session with Alan Brawn, followed by more emojis (I believe hands clapping). Now me, not being the emojis person per se (I use them sometimes), I had to start figuring them out as she can give you everything from a high five to some beers (who doesn’t like that?) and everything in between.

At that point I said that was perfect and asked her to take some pictures to be posted in the rolling blogs along with her tweets, which also included videos. Alesia attached pictures to Slack messages – in essence all communications, pictures and even files could be sent via Slack. There was no need for e-mail except for longer messages as well as end of the day files.

On the 29th at 12:58 AM (EST that is for me) she let me know that she had just landed and that Megan Dutta of Peerless A/V had invited her to their DSE party. Yep, more emojis as you can imagine (handclaps this time).  Then at 9:08 AM the next report in as she was on her way to the Convention Center. Yes, that would be 6:08 Las Vegas time. She was early for sure, but ready to go. At 6:44 (we’ll be on Vegas time now) when she got to the Convention Center she registered, picked up her press badge around 7:00 and was ready for the day. I asked if she was ready to go and her response basically was a big YES. We actually had a ‘The AV Life’ show recording that night, and we decided that her scheduled call-in to the show to give us details of day one would be at 5:15.

Communications continued and at 10:28 AM, she sent her first picture of the day with the message ‘Personal Press Conference with Andrea Varrone’:

Alesia and Andrea Varrone

Next, after the rolling day one blog began on Convergent AV it was sent to Alesia, again via Slack, to check out. More images were sent during the day by Alesia which ended up in the blog, as well as her @thesmoothfactor tweets at DSE. Alesia then came up with a great idea at the show which she communicated to me, about doing a takeover of the Convergent AV Twitter in the afternoon. All I could say was ‘brilliant’ and gave her the go ahead. Here’s that tweet announcement from her:

The afternoon was then Alesia at the show, on Convergent AV Twitter and in communication with me. The day’s communications on the floor ended at 4:15 along with the pictures and videos – and here’s that day one blog. During the day, after all was said and done, I would say 80% of communications and attached images, etc. were via Slack. I actually downloaded it on my laptop as well to have full constant communication.

Day two began at 9:58 AM with a message that she had finished a private product walk through. Next, one of the major manufacturers requested that they wanted her to do a write up and she was about to get a tour. Communications, pictures and file uploads again continued throughout the day, and another Convergent AV Twitter takeover. Here is the rolling blog for day two (which began with tweets about that Peerless A/V party the night before).

And not bad ‘Original Tweets’ placement either for a first-time at DSE:


Twitter at DSE
Statistics provided by Daily DOOH


Suffice to say that using Slack was a success, and it didn’t end at the show – we’ve kept in touch on it still going over blogs, as well as podcasts with exhibitors and others to come. The last message on Monday 4/4? That was about one of the guests of a podcast I hosted that night, who impresses both of us to no end – and does the Convergent AV ‘The AV Life’ podcast with us as well.

Proof that business communications for teams, at least in this case with Slack – works.

(Note: While in communication with Alesia, I was also in touch with Chris Turner who would be providing blogs while at Enterprise Connect in Orlando. You can find his blogs here too).

Me InfoComm 3

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