By Convergent AV

Alesia Hendley, Editor at Convergent AV, is on-site at the show and back for day 2! We will be placing social media posts, pics and videos from the show right here, and updating it too – keep an eye on this rolling blog and follow along with Alesia as she covers the #1 digital signage show in the industry!

You have to mention the night before party of course!

And Peerless-AV’s Megan Dutta was happy to hear about that after a shout-out from Alesia.

Convergent AV Chief Editor Corey Moss tweets this out – some real celeb action here with Andrea Varrone and Alan Brawn!

A morning view at the Sharp booth.

Look who Alesia found – AV Nation’s Tim Albright!

Here comes a day 2 “takeover”…

At the LG booth checking out some cool OLED – Twister!

Here it is:

Big video message – a tour of the Sharp booth!

Today’s blog from Alesia – a conversation with Andrea Varrone.

Alesia catching up with a Convergent AV friend and follower at the show.

AOPEN showing Alesia some Google Chrome OS.

Visiting with Intel checking out interactive Smart Cities kiosks.

A shout out to good friend Noble Crawford.

A must-see as Alesia did RT it.

One from The Smooth Factor herself.

The day, and the show are done – Alesia covered a lot and you’ll be seeing more from her on Convergent AV. Here’s a special message from her.

Thank you all for checking out the blog and following her at the show! You can catch her on Twitter @thesmoothfactor.