By Convergent AV

Alesia Hendley, Editor at Convergent AV, is on-site at the show and we will be placing social media posts, pics and videos from the show right here, and updating it too – keep an eye on this rolling blog and follow along with Alesia as she covers the #1 digital signage show in the industry!

Meeting up with Richard Ventura, Vice President of Business Development & Solutions at NEC, upon entering the show.

Digital posters – Coca Cola and Google.

Personal press conference with Show Director Andrea Varrone

Alesia and Andrea Varrone

DSE announces show underway!

Engage – Network – Connect, with Milestone AV in DSE Central Park

And the “takeover” on @Convergent_AV…

Takeover begins…

Frank Olea standing next to the Milan Kiosk (photo by Alesia)

Frank Olea and Milan

Meeting up with Jonathan Brawn, Brawn Consulting

Alesia and Jonathan Brawn

And a message –

A video – what’s going on at the Premier Mounts booth during the ‘Power Hour’

Back to The Smooth Factor!

Alesia meets up with Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting – a true legend in digital signage!

Alesia and Alan Brawn

Two more new friends!

The day ender – make sure you follow Alesia on Twitter, and catch up with her at the show.

Keep up with her here on Convergent AV, as well as on @ConvergentAV tomorrow.


Make sure you read Alesia’s pre-show blog too.