By Chris Turner

Day Three at Enterprise Connect, and as you can imagine things can get really busy, really fast at an enterprise-level trade show. For all that’s unified communications and collaboration, this is the place to be.

Here is some of the day’s overview of keynotes and exhibitor booths, and tweets to go with them.

First the Microsoft Keynote –

Microsoft keynote

Microsoft Teams via Skype for Business: a new collaboration tool that allows you to have conversations with certain groups, share files, and also start video or audio calls from the tool. In fact they demo they showed had team members from a laptop, desktop, A Skype Room system, and a Cisco codec. Apparently, to enable the use of legacy codecs, all you need to do is mark a check in the configuration. It’s that easy…. We shall see!

Google: G-Suite made some improvements. But this is similar to Microsoft Teams and Spark… At the end of the day it will be up to the customer to make a decision on their preferred platform.

Cisco won the Best in Show award, and rightfully so. Their improvements to Spark are quite an advancement in technology: everything from voice activation to the VR room – which I was able to test and loved! (more on this). I do tend to get motion sickness with VR but didn’t with this!

Zoom “one touch” with native Cisco and Polycom touchpanels. The Polycom integration of Zoom one touch requires no additional hardware. You can set it up to make Zoom calls with one touch, similar to Zoom Room operations. Also you can share wireless via Zoom as well, so gone are cables. Very interesting! I saw it in action and it definitely helps the user experience be more in line with Zoom so workflow stays the same across platforms.

Zoom Cisco “one touch” requires a small NUC to communicate from the Cisco codec to the cloud and back, however it can be done. I need to investigate this one more!

Cisco shows Spark Room Kit

And as for the wow factor – that goes to Cisco and Spark VR

All in all it was a good show. I really am surprised that more integrators do not attend. I really think it would be beneficial to them, especially as IT continues to converge with AV and we are becoming more and more responsible for telephony, network, and video. There are some great contact center solutions out there, including Amazon Connect, which unfortunately was so busy I didn’t have a chance to speak to anyone. But it’s on my list to check out at Infocomm if they attend.

Thanks so much for letting me give you my thoughts on this year’s show. Let’s do it again at Infocomm!

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Chris Turner is customer focused, technology driven, and motivated by all that’s UC&C. He is responsible for cultivating relationships with corporate, educational, and federal customers on a local, national, and global level at Advanced AV. He assists customers with their service needs and works with them and the Advanced AV service department from issue to resolution. He identifies national and global partners to successfully maintain client satisfaction in regards to various levels of service. Chris is a theater director at heart (as those who know him well will attest).

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