By Chris Turner

Reporting in from Enterprise Connect in Orlando, FL- the enterprise trade show showcasing the latest developments in UC&C – here is a blog on some of my day’s travels at the show, along with the tweets.

As a Crew member of ‘The AV Life’ podcast show on Convergent AV, I thought it would be great to keep the followers apprised on Twitter as well.

It begins –

Rowan Trollope, Cisco SVP & GM – Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications Division pre-show Twitter announcement – anticipation…

– And following this 

The first keynote was SVP and General Manager Jens Meggers of Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration Technology Group. Meggers states that the most successful tech ventures have come from those who have made the technology seamless and invisible.

Cisco has now integrated an AI-based virtual assistant into its Spark product line that answers to “Hey Spark.” Meggers also demonstrated virtual reality in a Spark room scenario, showing what Cisco is calling Cisco Spark in VR.

And of course, there’s the Spark Board.

The next keynote was Jeff Lawson, founder, CEO, and chairman of Twilio, a cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale. One thing that Lawson pointed to was that an unfortunate side effect of technology companies scaling is the dehumanization of customers.

Lawson states that communications solutions need to be customizable, fast, low risk, and resilient, and this is where Twilio comes in.

A little Twilio action:

Third, and final keynote of the day was Gene Farrell, VP of enterprise applications at Amazon Web Services. Farrell talked about AWS’s pace of innovation, and then brought out Tom Weiland, VP worldwide customer service at, to share news of AWS’s entrance into the contact center market.

The result is  Amazon Connect, the solution that AWS has now brought to market, a “simple to use,” cloud-based contact center service, as Weiland stated.

Headed out on to the show floor after the keynotes (and lunch) to see some of the show sponsor companies including Microsoft, RingCentral, Polycom, and Zoom.

At Zoom’s booth, a ‘Star Wars’ moment:

More show floor action to come tomorrow.

Note: A good read for full overview of the keynotes on No Jitter.

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