By Jeremy Caldera

I recently attended the Almo E4 AV Tour in Chicago on March 22nd. I was able to meet with many of my top manufacturers’, their representatives, and see some exciting new technology and presentations including the Samsung showcase. I have been fortunate enough to attend events similar to this on a regular basis and become familiar with not only the products, but with the topics many of the speakers addresses such as IoT.

IoT insights E4Many of the other AV industry professionals that were in attendance which I talked to found the big picture ideas of IoT to be very insightful. Several have heard of the term but really have not digested what it means to the future of our industry and their business.

Jeremy and Srago

All of the speakers, including my friend Josh Srago, did a fantastic job discussing and bringing to light everything from what encompasses the changes we will see because of IoT to why we should be scared to death about the security risks (causing myself to reevaluate my recent purchase of a Nest thermostat and WiFi enabled electronic front door lock for my home).

Additionally besides the intimate trade show, display of products and the keynote speakers, several workshops were available.  I was able to sit in on both the interactive digital signage and business case for collaboration which I found to round out the day nicely.  The workshops could have been more in depth and technical however the allotted time was preventative of that.  I found that the show was very supplementary to the larger show we all know InfoComm happening in Orlando this June and it has caused me to better evaluate which classes and technologies I would like to see when I am there.

Kayye 4K at Almo
Gary Kayye keynote on 4K

All in all it was a day packed with meetings, workshops and keynotes, all which seemed to be useful for those in the industry from 1 year to 30 years.  I will be keeping an eye open for this and similar regional shows in the future.

Jeremy headshot

Jeremy Caldera is currently the Chief Executive Officer at IAS Technology. He is a part of the elite group of dual certified CTS-D and CTS-I holders. Along with being a member of the InfoComm University faculty, he is an instructor in the Acoustics department at Columbia College Chicago where he developed the Audiovisual System Design curriculum. He sits as the current Chair of the InfoComm CTS Certification Steering Committee, is a part of the InfoComm International governance as a member of the Leadership Search Committee (LSC), and moderates the revision of the InfoComm Standard for Audiovisual Documentation and Coordination Processes. Jeremy was recently awarded the 2016 InfoComm Educator of the Year Award, 2015 Infocomm Young AV Professional Award, and named a Top 40 Influencer Under 40 by CI Magazine.