By Corey Moss

Frank Olea

This DSE 2017 show conversation is with Frank Olea, CEO at Olea Kiosks, a company founded in 1975 by Chairman Fernando Olea and his sons Rene and Mark Olea, in their Cerritos California home. The company was inspired by a simple and unified goal; to deliver quality products with customer satisfaction in mind. They manufacture indoor and outdoor kiosks and their diverse group of designers, product developers and engineers merge traditional techniques of hand sketches and prototype building with use of the latest software, processes and technologies. Olea Kiosks now operates out of their 48,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Cerritos, California in South Los Angeles County.Olea Milan PortraitFrank and I discuss the types of kiosks they offer, the design and manufacturing process, custom solutions, OEM, kiosks specific to certain markets, and their bringing “bleeding edge” technology (after dominating the inaugural Most Innovative Kiosk Awards). We then discuss what Olea Kiosks will be showing at DSE including the Milan Portrait (pictured above) and Landscape, Detroit Drive-Thru Kiosk and the Ticketing Kiosk, along with partnering and customer support.

To find out more about Olea Kiosks, see here.