Welcome to the second episode of EdTech Focus, a podcast which looks at education technology, along with discussions in, and even outside of the audio visual industry.

This episode is hosted by Corey Moss, and the guest is Brady Bruce, Chief Marketing Officer at InFocus.

On this episode Brady talks with Corey about driving student engagement and experience with instructional content, how learning takes place with content and opportunities presented with the technology they utilize, and a certain access to the information. Discussion then focuses on collaboration as Brady draws from his own experience as an educator discussing engagement in the classroom, how it needs to extend beyond “the four walls” and he touches on one of InFocus’ main products for this discussion. He then talks about being connected to a) content, b) relative expertise brought by outside experts on a topic being taught, c) other students across the world – and how InFocus works to develop these tools to allow teachers and students to be connected.

Brady then focuses discussion on InFocus technology and how it should be a part of the overall classroom learning experience with touch interactivity, videoconferencing, mobile device usage and more. Brady also talks about a K-12 user case on the elementary school level where the students became more engaged with the technology, where teachers were challenged to become more creative and spontaneous, and how they experienced an increase in student performance and grades. Finally, Brady discusses the education roadmap in 2017 concerning touch display technology usage.

Corey and Brady also touch on a blog that was written So Many Interactive Collaborative Display Boards, So Few Choices to Really Have to Make.

(This podcast is no longer available).