By Corey Moss

Last week, I received industry news as I normally do on a weekly basis. Most news that’s published on Convergent AV relates to trade shows, industry organization announcements, manufacturer product introductions and updates, mergers and acquisitions, as well as partnerships. On this particular occasion, I received partnership news that involved one of my favorite terms- game-changing. It happened to involve two industry companies, one a manufacturer and the other a major integrator, joining forces to bring “game-changing” solutions to customers. Notice the ” – they didn’t provide that, that’s my personal touch.

Here is the overview of the news announcement:

Bluescape, an innovator in visual collaboration software, and Whitlock, a video collaboration provider, today announced a new strategic partnership to bring their combined expertise and technology solutions to businesses in a variety of industries.

Bluescape’s cloud-based virtual workspace provides unparalleled visual collaboration that boosts productivity, innovation, and efficiency, and empowers organizations to create better. This software, when seamlessly integrated with Whitlock’s strategy, infrastructure, configuration, deployment, and service capabilities, helps reach more customers faster with an immersive place to visualize ideas and collaborate.

Now there are those who may see the game-changing perspective here, however I, as one who is not necessarily a believer of a term just being used in a press headline, trade show discussion, product evaluation and more need to be further convinced of the how, and why.

Thus, I reached out to those who sent the news to let them know that I wanted to learn more than what was introduced in the news release that was sent, and this discussion, after a few messages, was put together. Give it a listen, and even find out my ultimate perspective of “the term” during the discussion. I believe it will give those who may have already read this news an even deeper perspective to it. If you haven’t read it yet, you’ll hear a broader podcast discussion of this particular news release.

You’ll even hear the guests use some of my other “favorite terms” here – you can try to guess what those are too…

Visual Collaboration Leaders Bluescape and Whitlock Join Forces to Bring “Game-Changing” Solutions to Customers – A Discussion


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