Join Host Corey Moss as he welcomes:

David Weinstein – Vice President at Kube Systems (pronounced “cube”)

Dave Weinstein headshot

Along with their upcoming E4 Pro AV Tour (Chicago March 22nd, San Jose April 19th), leading AV industry distributor Almo Pro A/V recently announced that Kube Systems named Almo as master distributor for the U.S., Latin America and Caribbean. With this, hotels can now purchase the Kube Audio Clock and Kube 5 Portable through their preferred hospitality reseller as a result of this distribution relationship.

According to Stephen McKay, Vice President, Specialty Markets at Almo Pro A/V: “Mobile charging solutions for guestrooms and public areas are critical in today’s mobile landscape as these devices have become second nature to vacationers and road warriors alike.” Corey and David continue this discussion, along with more focusing on the relationship with Almo.

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David also talks about the guest experience in the hotel world, and how guests are being directly engaged on their mobile devices. There’s discussion as well concerning data, along with revenue generation in relation to always having devices charged.

With mobile device usage and implementation being such a hot topic in the AV industry, this is an important show for all who follow the discussion to listen to.

Kube Systems will be at the E4 AV Tour, and David will also be presenting there. Listen in to find out about his presentation, as well as the targeted title of it.

To find out more about the Almo E4 Pro AV Tour and to register see here. Make sure you visit with Kube Systems, and catch David’s presentation there as well.

Note: Paul Zielie will be back on the next show.

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