Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Deron Pinchback, Joey D’Angelo, Alesia Hendley and Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guests:

Mike White – Director of Business Development, Digital Signage at Unified AV

Laura Davis-Taylor – EVP, Customer Experience at MaxMedia

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2017) takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 28th through the 31st (Exhibit Hall the 29th and 30th), and is the basis for discussion on this show, as it was for episode 18 as well.

After the Crew begins the show talking about some of the great Twitter followers (one in particular intrigues them), Laura begins talking about her session “Let’s Get Phygital” (which she is doing with Ed King, Vice President of Strategy at the company) to be presented Wednesday, March 29 at 2 p.m., discussing how the lines between digital and physical retail continue to blur, what customers expect from their store experience and where the next big opportunities are to break down the brick-and- mortar barriers.

Mike pinpoints discussion here toward the integrator and selling digital signage in an age where it’s been too much about the box, when it should be more about the overall value proposition which he’ll be talking about at the Expo. He also talks about ROO – return on objective – an interesting discussion in terms of doing it right, or not doing it at all. The Crew add in very well to both topics.

After the midway point, where Laura talks about an experience from South by Southwest (SXSW), in part 2 the Crew and their guests talk about a golden late night bit from the 60’s through the  early 90’s that vets listening in (and some of the younger crowd as well) will likely know, which just happens to be how the keynote at DSE will be presented, and it promises to be a completely different approach to the educational experience.

Need a hint?

Carnac hat

Mike plays the well-known sidekick and Lyle Bunn plays “the Magnificent” himself. Laura’s role is the guest, and one or two were mentioned for Laura to play.  

There’s also a very interesting discussion about being creative and artistic, creating the experience, toward the end that involves some fairly deep thought, until one of the guests mentioned that this was advertised as a fun show too. Well that it is of course as you’ll hear, however it can certainly get deep when thoughtful minds join together.

We of course enjoy snacks on this show, last month it was stroopwafels (ISE, Amsterdam you know) and for this month – well you just have to listen in. Alesia especially loves these, and maybe we’ve attracted a new sponsor too.

So sit back, plug in and get ready to live…

The AV Life.


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