Join co-hosts Corey Moss and Paul Zielie as they welcome guests:

Jeremy Caldera (CTS-D, CTS-I) – CEO at IAS Technologies

Jake Corlett (CTS-D, CTS-I) – Regional Manager, North Central at Biamp Systems

The discussion in this podcast focuses on the following:


Jeremy who is a member of the InfoComm Leadership Search Committee (LSC) as well as CTS Certification Chair attended the BLC for the first time as an industry integrator executive. This was Jake’s first attendance at the BLC as well.  Jeremy gives his viewpoints about the BLC and what he took from it, along with discussions among the integrators. Jake gives a few viewpoints from the BLC, and he along with Paul (CTS-D, CTS-I) discuss manufacturer’s support and service for the integrators. There’s value proposition – network, product and services – discussion here, as well as how integrators are facing emerging vs. prototypical technologies and trends integration models.

All discuss integration concerning the types of rooms installed and data analysis (incl. room usage) concerning decisions made in current and ongoing integration processes. They also touch on IoT as a real technology proposition in the enterprise, and how commercial AV can transform in terms of data, planning and management.


(Theme music created by Mike Loss)