By Convergent AV

As of today, Joey D’Angelo and Alesia Hendley have joined the Convergent AV podcast ‘The AV Life’ as Crew members along with regulars Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Megan Powers, Sandy Ciarlo and Taylor Meyer.

The AV Life is a podcast show in the audio visual industry which consists of experts from different fields of AV as co-hosts (both commercial and residential), some who are content, marketing and social media experts as well.

“The addition of Joey D’Angelo, a recognized long-time professional in the AV industry and Alesia Hendley, a young AV professional who is highly regarded by the #AVTweeps community brings the show to a new level,” said Corey Moss, creator and producer of the podcast. “Along with our already well-known commercial and residential industry professionals, and Taylor who is a college student with a passion for technology, especially robotics and AI, Joey and Alesia add even more dimension to the show with their background and knowledge.”

You can find out more about Joey D’Angelo and his career in the AV industry here. For more about Alesia, you can read her blogs on and she has also contributed to Convergent AV 3 Reasons to Offer Live Streaming As a Service. Find her on Twitter @thesmoothfactor.

You can listen to all ‘The AV Life’ episodes here.