Join the Crew: Host Justin Watts, Corey Moss and guest Crew member John Greene as the welcome their guests:

Bill Nattress – Director of Channel Strategy, Paging at Biamp

Gain Foster – Consultant at K2Audio

Justin Rexing – AV Design Engineer at Western Kentucky University

Justin Watts – the Google – is back and hosting this episode where the Crew and guests talk about two front burner topics in the AV industry – IoT and AV on the network.  Bill Nattress, joining in from home base in Chicago brings his viewpoints and perspectives with his well known industry knowledge-base, along with Gain and Justin who add their viewpoints and perspectives to the topics from the consultant as well as the end user side.

After Corey gives a shoutout to some of the great show Twitter followers, Justin takes over to begin with IoT, including discussion of services, data and security as well. Then after the Tier PM Hot Jobs, discussion of AV on the network, and security again. This is certainly also a show for those who use the internet at home and at work to tune in to (and almost who doesn’t these days).

While the title may have you a bit puzzled, don’t be – this show zeroes in on the topics with these industry experts. As many know, within an industry a paradigm shift represents fundamental change, which of course includes those views and perspectives of the individuals within it. As for the converged concept – it’s not in a /, it’s a coming together of technologies, industry people (commercial and residential/smart home) and topic discussions. Of course the trade shows, ISE, InfoComm and CEDIA, along with certain events give the industry a tremendous forum for such discussions, and education as well.

And what’s The AV Life without a little fun banter among the Google, Crew and guests.

So sit back, plug in, connect – and don’t forget to live…

The AV Life.


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