Join the Crew Host Corey Moss and guest member Christina Engh as they welcome their guests from:

Customised (in the UK)/#LiveInstall

– Kris Gamble – Owner

AV Nation

– Tim Albright – Owner

–  Our guest, the owner of Stroopwafel World also stayed with us for a little while on this part 2, and he has a special stroopwafel coupon offer for all listeners here.

Corey and Christina talk with Kris as he’s waiting at the airport in London (on day 2) to leave for Amsterdam – an excellent conversation about his company Customised, residential technology and the smart home (including trends that Kris sees), as well as social media and communication among the LiveInstall community which Kris runs. There is mention of #AVTweeps in this discussion as well.

After Corey and Christina – well known for drones technology – have a discussion about drones and AV (as there are drones at ISE), Tim Albright joins them to talk about what AV Nation is doing at the show along with his own perspectives – including differences between ISE and other shows, the commercial and the residential markets, and certain technology trends that he’s seeing.

The one podcast where you get trade show, technology, stroopwafels, and beer. ISE 2017.

Sit back and enjoy this show with guests calling in from ISE 2017 (as well as on the way), and of course make sure you live…

The AV Life.


You can listen to Part 1 here.

Note: There is a bit of noise in the podcast.

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