Join the Crew Host Corey Moss and guest member Christina Engh as they welcome their guests from:


– Tim Stone – VP Marketing, EMEA

– Sara Lloyd – Head of Corporate Communications

– Sonal Bisht – EMEA Corporate Communications Manager


– Lieven Bertier – Global Marketing Manager Collaboration

–  As well as a special guest – the owner of Stroopwafel World to talk about Amsterdam and one of the favorite foods of Amsterdam.

Corey and Christina talk with the guests about their show experiences as well as the solutions they’re showing at ISE.

The guests also have some fun talking with the Crew, as well as the owner of Stroopwafel World and answering some questions as well!

Sit back and enjoy this show with guests calling in from ISE 2017, and of course make sure you live…

The AV Life.


Part 2 is here.

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