spinetix-logoHergiswil, Switzerland — 31 January 2017 — Together with its partners Axis Communications, Billboard Video, Brown Innovations and AG Neovo, SpinetiX presents how converging technologies and fully automated real-time data are transforming digital signage into smarter and fully integrated digital experiences.

Axis Communications: Smart retail with real-time triggering

Axis provides intelligent security solutions for the protection and security of people, businesses and institutions. The goal of Axis is to contribute to a secure, stable world. As market leader in the field of network video, Axis ensures the technical progress in the industry through the continuous development of innovative network products.

In a partnership with SpinetiX, Axis Communications has developed and successfully launched digital signage solutions fit for real-time digital retail. In this way the goods presentation can be designed and adapted effectively and dynamically. Thanks to digital screens, the dealer presents dynamic content and advertising, which can be updated in real-time. The solution becomes even smarter when used with Axis’ event triggering. SpinetiX HMP player handles incoming event information directly from the network camera to automatically change the screen content. For example, every 10th visitor can be rewarded triggered by the connected people counter. The solution fits shops of any size and is scalable for any number of screens or number of shops.

Billboard Video: Smart City powered by intelligent information management system

Billboard Video is a system integrator company, specialized in LED technology and digital signage. With more than 20 years of experience in development and installation of LED, oversized sport venue screens and dynamic digital media systems, the company is now offering high-end solutions for the DOOH advertising and architectural design.

In a partnership with SpinetiX, Billboard Video has developed and successfully launched in 2016 the WAYNET Intelligent InfoCom Management System project. This innovative integrated solution for a Smart City, working with magapolis big data mining online. Based on the platform of LED digital media boards network, the System provides visual navigation for the city traffic flow and citizens, as well as public and commercial information broadcasting across a metropolis.  The solution allows creation of unified citywide vibrant and dynamic info space with fundamentally new capabilities of centralized smart control.  Billboard Video strives to further develop and scale this solution, fostering the development of Smart City.

Brown Innovations: Revolutionary directional audio with digital signage

As SpinetiX, Brown Innovations is committed to providing the highest quality technologies possible. Their record speaks for itself with almost 20 years of satisfied customers and maintenance-free products. From digital signage screens in Heathrow Airport to museum displays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; audio installations at Sao Paolo’s Art Biennial to outdoor information kiosks in Helsinki; from restaurant seating areas to quiet library and gallery settings, their speakers are found wherever high quality audio needs to be controlled. Brown Innovations has a dedicated digital signage speaker line showcased at SpinetiX stand at ISE.

AG Neovo: Transforming digital signage with best-in-class glass protection

AG Neovo’s leadership in the area of hard glass technology demonstrates the company’s ability to bring valuable innovation to market. With built-in video support, AG Neovo displays connect effortlessly to SpinetiX HMP which opens up an array of viewing and display possibilities. AG Neovo displays are created to meet the needs of public and professional environments through patented technologies, innovative feature sets and progressive design, and as such a perfect for digital signage. AG Neovo’s patented NeoV™ Optical Glass has become the most trusted hard glass protection available today, and is showcased at SpinetiX stand at ISE.

SpinetiX and Partners can be found at ISE, Digital Signage Hall 8, Stand #8H275. ISE will take place in Amsterdam from 7 to 10 February 2017.  More information can be found at spinetix.com.


About SpinetiX
At SpinetiX, we inspire businesses to unlock the potential of their story. We believe in the power of digital signage as a dynamic new storytelling platform to engage with people. For more than 10 years, we have been constantly innovating to deliver cutting-edge technology that helps our customers shine. Engineered in Switzerland, our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses realize their full potential. Whether you’re looking for a plug & play solution to bring your story to life or a fully customized solution to captivate your audience, SpinetiX is your partner to successfully grow your business.