Effortless Installation. Minimal support. Seamless experience.

Kortrijk, Belgium, 31 January 2017 – Barco, global leader in meeting room visualization technology, announces the release of a new enterprise product: the ClickShare CSE-800.


The CSE-800 joins the existing ClickShare portfolio as a centrally-managed boardroom solution for large enterprises, allowing Barco to provide for the full range of meeting room needs. Simple to integrate, easy to use ClickShare works through a USB-powered Button that shares users’ devices with the main meeting room screen in seconds. Installation is quick and easy, with no software to download, no training required and no cables to clutter meeting room tables. The technology is compatible with any device – either through the intuitive Button or the companion app.

Built for enterprise
The CSE-800 builds on the groundbreaking ClickShare meeting room experience with a range of features and specifications designed especially for enterprise. These include:

  • Dual HDMI video output up to 4K
  • Dual HDMI video input up to 4K
  • 4x ClickShare Buttons – multiple users can share simultaneously
  • Up to 64 users connected
  • Enhanced enterprise security
  • Central management
  • Dual network support
  • Blackboarding and annotation for interactive teamworking
  • AirPlay, Google Cast, MirrorOp, iOS app, Android app

Barco’s latest ClickShare product enables collective sharing on a large scale, turning any boardroom, conference room or meeting room into a collaborative space for the free exchange of ideas. The technology has risen to the challenges faced by an enterprise audience.

Plug into security
CSE-800 takes standard ClickShare security and reinforces it, delivering real peace of mind for enterprise users. The security features include:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Login management
  • Configurable three-layer security
  • Secure access to web configurator
  • Option to hide Base Unit wireless network SSID
  • Dual network connection for separate corporate and guest integration

See here for more information on Barco’s new addition to the ClickShare lineup.