By Corey Moss

Every year at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), the closing keynote opens the final day of the show and brings attendees together to hear some of the world’s business and thought leaders for an hour of thought provoking presentation as well as Q&A. At ISE 2017, the Friday Closing Keynote speaker is  Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil.


For over 30 years, Cirque du Soleil has been at the cutting edge of live entertainment creation and production with shows such as Quidam, Saltimbancano and Amaluna combining stunning acrobatics, theatrics, visuals and music. Cirque du Soleil has consistently shown how creative expression can benefit from the adoption of the latest audio visual technologies when used to enhance and compliment a show’s key storylines.

Watch the preview video for Quidam:

As the President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, which operates across five continents and is the world’s largest theatrical production company, Daniel Lamarre is responsible for the company’s overall business and creativity strategy. Lamarre believes that creativity is the key to successful commerce, and states: “If you have a great show, you will have a great business. That is my philosophy.”

Lamarre, prior to taking on this leadership role with the company, had enjoyed a long and distinguished career in international business development in the creative industries, including with TVA Broadcast Group, National Public Relations and Burson Marstellar. Two of his greatest business achievements are the Cirque du Soleil production of LOVE, based on the music of the Beatles and the only live show ever agreed upon by the group; and ONE, a celebration of Michael Jackson’s work produced after fierce competition with other entertainment giants working with the performer’s estate.

These accomplishments displayed Lamarre’s ability to connect and establish a close rapport with the giants of the creative community in order to put on these important productions. In 2012, he collaborated on the creation of the C2MTL Conference, a one-of-a-kind coming together of leading creative and business professionals.

At ISE 2017 Lamarre will explore: How unlocking creativity and embracing new technology can grow your business. In reference to the Closing Keynote, Lamarre stated: “As emerging technologies continue to grow their influence on live entertainment, it is timely for me to participate in ISE 2017. I will have an opportunity to share my vision on how new technologies will have a huge impact on artistic content.”

Mike Blackman, Managing Director at Integrated Systems Events (the producer of ISE 2017) stated that “It will be fascinating to hear the inside story of Cirque du Soleil from such a successful business development expert.”

I have seen Cirque du Soleil productions all over the country and they are true entertainment spectacles. If you haven’t seen a performance yet and truly want to see entertainment magic unfold before your eyes, I highly encourage you to… and you will have an exceptional experience.

The ISE 2017 Closing Keynote will take place in the Forum on February 10th at 9:00. You can register for it here.

As part of a recent discussion of ISE 2017 with Mike Blackman, Vin Bruno, CEO at CEDIA and Dave Labuskes, Executive Director and CEO at InfoComm International (which Katye McGregor Bennett and I were participants in), Blackman talked about Daniel Lamarre and the Closing Keynote. Due to certain issues concerning WiFi we had lost most of the overall Keynotes discussion which this was a part of, however you can hear this part here.  



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