Welcome to the extended holiday edition of the new podcast show for the global AV industry (as well as anyone who likes to listen to a show that talks tech with humor and an all around good time) and join The Crew Host Corey Moss, Megan Powers, Deron Pinchback, Taylor Meyer, Sandy Ciarlo and special Crew member “Santa” George Fournier as they welcome their guests:

Group one: Chuck Espinoza (InfoComm International), Paul Zielie (HARMAN), Bill Nattress (Biamp), Jeremy Caldera (Integrated Audio) and Jake Corlett (Biamp)

Group two: Greg Zorbas (KPBSD), Sean Brown (Sonic Foundry) and Andy Cuneo (Polycom)

Group three: Tim Albright (AV Nation), Chris Neto (AV Helpdesk) and Phil Cordell (M3 Technology Group)

Group four: Alesia Hendey (The Berry Center), Chris Bledsoe (Bluescape) and Jeremy Elsesser (Level 3 Audio Visual)


The winner

We began with shoutouts to some of the great Twitter followers (which continued through the show), and the Crew with special guest Crew member “Santa” George Fournier talked with the first group (one of them coming in from China) about their travels during the year and what they’re doing for the holidays. We believe one of them may have won the ugly sweater contest – there he is Jake Corlett. Actually we’re pretty sure he did, in fact no one has contested the decision yet.


Bill joined us in ‘The AV Life’ episode 1, Chuck and Paul joined us in ‘The AV Life’ episode 2. Jeremy who hasn’t been in an episode yet (though he’s always welcome for some reason) brought the kids – evidence of a show of all generations.

AV Life Ep 6 3.png

Group two included people who joined us in two ‘The AV Life’ episodes – Greg, a World History and videoconferencing teacher from the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) in south central Alaska joined us in episode 3 (we also tried to bring in Rob Sparks, Alaskan Studies teacher from the school district) along with Andy, and Sean joined us in episode 4. A great conversation here recounting some discussions from these episodes, and some fun with this group too. Oh, and Chuck stuck around.

AV Life Ep 6 5.png

Group three, well, what can we say? Some of the AV Nation gang dropped in on us – Tim, Chris and Phil essentially brought some of the party with them. And the Jersey jokes… In short, great conversation had by all. Chuck? Yep, still there.


Finally group four with three more outstanding people Alesia, Chris and Jeremy, in fact one is becoming a Crew member in 2017 – listen in to check out who it will be. Tim and Chris stuck around with us to help make this an excellent ending to the show (and we think Chuck may still be in the podcast).


What more do you need to know? Just this:

Sit back, plug in, push play…  and enjoy the holidays!

While you live The AV Life.


Note: Some additional intro and outro theme music here, including a little something from the great ‘Hi Phi’ Phil Cordell – The AV Pro at the end (#AVSweater)!

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