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Ask 50 people in the audio visual industry what the AV life is like for them, and you may be surprised with the answers you get. Actually, you probably won’t, since we’ve for the most part heard them all – those in executive leadership positions, sales, installation, engineering, project management, programming, marketing… you get it.

We in AV know, that along with the daily business there is much that goes with it – the industry certifications, a multitude of manufacturer as well as InfoComm and CEDIA offerings, presentations, education and training courses that take place at local events and the major trade shows, and much more. There’s of course the media as well, where one shouldn’t go a day without keeping in touch with all that is taking place in the industry whether via news, blogs or podcasts.


Which brings us to the new AV industry podcast show ‘The AV Life’ with the team of people you may already know, who with their guests bring various conversations and viewpoints on technology, marketing, communications and more (along with that measure of humor) – The Crew Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Katye McGregor Bennett, Deron Pinchback, Megan Powers, Sandy Ciarlo and two new members:

Jeremy Elsesser – CTS-D, CTS-I and COO/CIO of Level 3 Audio Visual. Jeremy has been delivering quality integrated media technology solutions for more than 15 years. He began his career installing enterprise class network and audiovisual systems, progressing to design and project management of a wide variety of technology enabled facilities. He has successfully managed teams of many large-scale and complex design projects throughout the U.S. Jeremy has worked on a broad range of project types including broadcast, production, and communications for higher education, corporate, healthcare and hospitality clients. Jeremy was also a Commercial Integrator Top 40 CI Influencers Under 40 in 2014.   You can listen to Jeremy as a guest on our other Convergent AV podcast ‘The Edge of AV’ (Episodes 1 and 2) – he will be joining the show in January.

Taylor Meyer – Taylor is a Mechanical Engineering student at Iowa State University, who also has a love for robotics and artificial intelligence. We first met her on a podcast in spring 2016 as she was participating in a #StudentAstronaut contest for Xploration Outer Space (see below). Taylor brings great perspectives as a tech-driven student, and while she had only seen the industry “from afar” in podcasts she had participated in before this, she’s already making an impact on the shows she has been a Crew member on (3 and 4).

Taylor student astronaut.png

Here are the four episodes so far:

Episode 1: Living the Life AV – guests: Penny Sitler with Draper Inc., Bill Nattress with Biamp, Stacy Kringlen with Vaddio and Alesia Hendley with Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.

Episode 2: From the Way it Sounds, You’ll Want to Catch This  – guests: Chuck Espinoza with InfoComm International, Paul Zielie with Harman, and Timo Kaupila, CEO at Catchbox (in Finland).

Episode 3: A Discussion on Tech-Driven Innovation in Education in Rural Alaska – guests: Elaine Shuck and Andy Cuneo with Polycom, Greg Zorbas and Rob Sparks, teachers at Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (in Kenai, Alaska) and their students Mara Youngren-Brown and Matt Zorbas (all in Alaska joined us on Polycom room systems).


From Episode 3 – Corey Moss (upper middle) and Taylor Meyer (lower left) with Elaine Shuck and teachers and students from KPBSD (Andy Cuneo with Polycom joined us later)


Episode 4: We Capture a Great Discussion with an Industry Video Expert – guests: Sean Brown with Sonic Foundry and Sean Dusek, Superintendent at Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (in Kenai, Alaska).


AV Life Ep 4 1.png
From Episode 4: Corey Moss, Justin Watts (lower right), Deron Pinchback (lower left) and Megan Powers with guests Sean Brown and Sean Dusek (Taylor Meyer joined us later)


The hard work we put in, along with the good times we have  – living The AV Life.

Join the Crew!


(All shows are done on, and recorded with Zoom).

Podcasts on SoundCloud can be downloaded with SoundDrain, including mobile.