Welcome to the fourth episode of a new podcast show for the global AV industry (as well as anyone who likes to listen to a show that talks tech with humor and an all around good time) and join The Crew Host Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Megan Powers and Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guest:

Sean Brown – Sr. Vice President at Sonic Foundry (@Mediasite)

Also joining us is Sean Dusek, the Superintendent at the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District  (@kpbsd) whose teachers and students joined us in Episode 3.

After Corey does the shout-outs at the beginning of the show to some of our great Twitter followers (and a few friends), the Crew and Sean Brown talk with Sean Dusek about the usage of videoconferencing technology in his school district as had been discussed on the previous episode. A great discussion which is a must listen.

The Crew then talks with Sean Brown about Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite video platform, especially the new solution Mediasite Catch. Excellent (and some fun) overall video discussion, with some great input from Taylor our college student Crew member (who makes all of her early classes!). Megan who is our marketing and live events expert (with a masters degree) also talks about her experience with Sonic Foundry and video content capture, as well as higher education discussion. Along with great discussion from Justin here, you’ll also hear him tell us about the invention of the internet (he was there). And cat videos. You can’t make this stuff up…

After the Tier PM Jobs, a brand new segment with Justin Watts that trust us you’ve been waiting for. He wasn’t quite aware that people have been waiting for it, however he delivered big time (as usual) talking about industry education goals. Discussion then highlights one of Sonic Foundry’s other solutions Join UC Capture, along with an excellent case study.

And finally…

Sean, Corey and Taylor

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters next week, listen in for some fun discussion toward the end – as well as special announcements on the next two shows.

So sit back, plug in and feel the video while you live…

The AV Life.

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