On this episode co-hosts Corey Moss and Justin Watts are joined by guests:

Eric Larsen – Director of Marketing at TEAC/TASCAM

Rick Allen – Founder, Sound Designer at Rick Allen Creative


On this show that explores doing a podcast as well as working with sound effects, the host microphone is turned over to Eric Larsen who asks Corey, Justin and Rick about their experiences with podcasting as well as the usage of effects in a podcast.

Rick begins with discussion of the podcast and what it is, and then Corey and Rick talk about doing the podcast (Corey as a producer as well for two years), including pre-recorded vs. live as Eric had inquired about here. Along with further input on podcasting, Justin also talks about experience with the shows he has done, including the guests that have been on the podcasts that he and Corey have done together.

A main focus of podcast discussion here for Corey and Justin (along with this show) is the new show ‘The AV Life’ where they talk about the team members (“The Crew”), the guests, collaboration, workflow and more. Branding also enters into the conversation here, not only for the podcast show but the personal, as well as the team concept.

Talk then shifts to discussion of sounds and sound effects (and you’ll hear some in this podcast too), where Corey discusses adding them in ‘The AV Life’ shows with the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO Creator and Justin talks about the sound effect experience here too. Rick as a professional sound designer talks about the serious work he puts in to creating them, and the quality one can tell that’s put into that work. One of the effects he talks about here is a gunshot, from the start where he began creating sounds till now, and the true work he puts into creating such an effect.

An excellent discussion here well worth the listen, especially for those looking to get into podcasting, along with the usage of sounds in one’s podcast.


Note: ‘The AV Life’ podcast shows can be found here on Convergent AV.