Welcome to the third episode of a brand new podcast for the global AV industry (as well as anyone who likes to listen to a show that talks tech with humor and an all around good time) and join The Crew Host Corey Moss and new member Taylor Meyer as they welcome their guests:

Elaine Shuck Global Director, Education Solutions & Market Development at Polycom

Andy Cuneo Sr. Manager of Corporate Communications at Polycom

Greg Zorbas – World History and Video Conferencing teacher at Kenai Central High School, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Rob Sparks – Alaska Studies and Video Conferencing teacher at Soldotna Prep School, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Casey Olson – Programmer/Analyst Information Services at Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Mara Youngren-Brown – High School student and Polycom intern at Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

Matt Zorbas – High School student and Polycom intern at Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

(Follow the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District @kpbsd and students from Kenai and Soldotna in Youth Talk/World Relations and Polycom Certification Practicum Class @KCHSYT).

First, we welcome new Crew member Iowa State University mechanical engineering student Taylor Meyer to the show where she does one terrific job, and while the rest of the Crew took the night off, she was there to keep Corey in line. Corey actually promised that he’d turn over a responsibility to her on the next show, we’ll see if that happens.

Corey had previously talked with Elaine, Andy, Greg and Rob in another podcast interview about their work together, the technology and usage in teaching World History and video conferencing in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Even further discussion here on this show about the technology and usage, along with learning more about the rural, remote Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska.


On this podcast right to left: Elaine Shuck, Greg Zorbas, Rob Sparks


(Greg and Rob were honored by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) – Elaine is on the Board of Directors – in May with the Best Practices Gold Level award for excellence in distance learning teaching, for their innovation and excellence in “Videoconferencing Technology – K-12 Education.”)

On this show we also get to talk with Mara and Matt, two highly accomplished students of Greg and Rob’s who are also Polycom interns working with Elaine, the very first ones to have the title. The Crew gets to talk with Matt a bit before he has to head to hockey practice to prepare for the game the next day (hope you won Matt!). After great discussion with Elaine in the beginning, she has to leave too replaced by Andy a little later on (in a grand entrance).

After Corey does the Tier PM Jobs, the Crew and guests launch into the technology discussion in the second part of the show where along with hearing from Greg, Rob and Andy, Casey talks from the IT support perspective which brings great discussion for those interested in hearing the IT-side. Mara hangs out with us throughout the show presenting tremendous insights which include discussion of collaboration and her internship. She also tells us where she likes to hang out for coffee in Soldotna (our new show favorite!).

Top: Elaine (laptop), Corey (PC), Mara and Matt (on Polycom system)/ Bottom: Taylor (laptop), Rob, Greg and Casey (on Polycom systems) – Elaine calls in


Mara also plays a game with us toward the end producing some pretty good laughs (and sound effects). One person almost got away without playing, the same person who was caught talking on mute – and its not the new Crew member. Happens to the best of them (always) on this show.

AV Life Ep 3 3.jpg

An outstanding episode which explores beyond some of the common usages and boundaries of education and technology as we know them, and reveals the work of two amazing teachers in a remote rural area of the U.S. (along with some good fun too).

So sit back, plug in and experience The AV Life…

Kenai, Alaska style.


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