On this episode host Corey Moss is joined by guests Jeremy Caldera (Integrated Audio Systems), Jeremy Elsesser (Level 3 Audio Visual) and Bill Nattress (Biamp Systems).


Discussion begins with the Samsung acquisition of HARMAN which has of course been discussed throughout the last week via numerous media sources in and outside of the AV industry.

The conversation then expands to the IoT and cognitive computing partnership between HARMAN and IBM where a deeper technology discussion entered in here, especially with Jeremy Elsesser who works closely with the healthcare market.

The group continues discussion focused on mergers and acquisitions in the industry, where 2016 has been a year like no other concerning M&A’s, and each person on the podcast provides their view on those of impact this year (as well as one that did not happen).

We then shift to discussion of trends, beginning with discussion of Bill Nattress’ presentation at InfoComm 2016 about external technology trends affecting the AV industry. A discussion of e-mail (and the fax?) as well as messaging applications turned into an insightful discussion of unified communications and collaboration now and (near) future trends, along with discussion of automation, sensors, analytics and more.


The following are referenced here:

Digtal Trends: Samsung wants in on car electronics, just paid $8 billion for Harman

(Theme music created by Mike Loss)